Novel Consulting Group Inc. is a Solutions Consulting and Implementation company established in 2002, by network of partners with extensive and diverse industry experience in Engineering, Lean principles, Logistics, Optimization, Finance and Business Intelligence. Since then we have provided our services to various industry segments in the logistics area including 3PL, retail, freight forwarding, manufacturing, automotive spare parts etc. Over the years we have provided services to companies in Europe, Americas and Asia. We can assure that our rates will be extremely competitive and our overall time and costs on a project would at least be 20-30% less than any other consulting firm providing similar services from any part of the world.

Why engage Novel Consulting Group Inc.?

  • We talk what we know and we do what we say that results in successful implementation at lower costs and time for our clients.
  • We are innovative, think outside the box and do not re-invent the wheel. Hence less time & costs.
  • We design, develop and deliver lean solutions to complex problems with scalability, stability and future technological and operational changes in the solution design process that usually does not burden clients with additional hardware and software.
  • We always do not hesitate to advice what is in the best interests of the client.
  • We are flexible and adapt to the needs of our clients. We do not suggest or implement solutions that do not fall within the realm of best practice solutions.
  • Our consultants are ethical and experienced in diverse areas such as engineering, finance, optimization, lean principles and logistics and therefore we usually come up with the optimal solution at a fraction of time it would take other consulting firms.
  • We promise that we will be cost competitive and provide greater value over any other consulting firm providing services from any part of the world. We offer estimates based on real efforts and never charge over the estimates provided.