Our continuous urge to provide value to our customer led us to develop a unique solution to our EXE / Infor WMS customers.

Challenges with using out of the box applications are:

  1. Customizing is expensive
  2. When you customize you pay in addition to customizing to maintain it over versions and upgrades
  3. Customers are lucky when they can customize without having other functionality orphaned

Customers have two choices one to buy out of the box application and customize it. The other choice is to but out of the box application and develop in house tools that can extend the functionality provided by the out of the box application.

We believe the latter choice provides excellent value, flexibility as well as low cost due to reduced effort during migrations or upgrades.

RFEA provides the flexibility, value as well as quick turnaround in developing new functionalities or extending existing functionalities for EXE WMS, SSA WMS and Infor WM 9.x and 10.x.

Benefits of using RFEA:

    1. Customer only pays for the customizations needed
    2. No new hardware or software is required
    3. No reinventing of the wheel. Vendor APIs are used where available.
    4. Quick turnaround.

Costs several times less than customizing vendor applications. When vendor application is upgraded less effort is required as all customizations are outside the application.